Top 3 Social Issues in Canada

Even though Canada is a third-world country, it is not exempt from a series of social issues like widespread poverty, domestic abuse, and mental health.

Widespread Poverty

In Canada, there are about five million people living in poverty in Canada. People of all ages, regardless of their economic backgrounds or nationalities, can be affected by poverty. Poverty often relates to unemployment, health policies, return rates on investments, and education.

People can get out of poverty if they receive help from others and government support. Poverty can result in social exclusion, high-stress levels, and poor health. It is estimated that close to 1.7 million people of the Canadian population live in extreme poverty. Furthermore, job insecurity has increased by 50% in the last 20 years.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence statistics are on the rise in Canada. This issue is not easy to solve as there are many variables involved. The consequences of domestic abuse can be considerable, mainly due to the long-lasting psychological effects of abuse.

Police records indicate that about 25% of any violent crime reported to Canadian police is the result of domestic abuse.

These statistics highlight how domestic violence in Canada is still a major concern. There are many services that can support these individuals. Help can come in the way of early intervention of reporting crime and changing attitudes towards women or family members in society.

Mental Health

Mental health issues are one of the most pressing social problems in Canada. The most diagnosed mental health issues are depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. One in every five Canadian people is estimated to be affected each year by mental illness.

There are many support services available, but mental illness is still not getting the right amount of attention it needs. Discrimination, stereotyping, and stigma still surround the issue of mental health. More expert services are required for people struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Preventative measures could save people seeking treatment for their mental health condition. Better mental health will help people to manage the balance between work and family life.