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Zana Medical – Social Support: Types of Support

Learn about the different support services available for people dealing with health issues and undergoing treatment. Learn about the importance of a support system for mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Follow this discussion about the various types of support services available in Canada.

CNBC – How Canada’s Universal Health-Care System Works

Canada has some serious concerns about the dangers of socialized medicine. Learn how medical care in Canada compares to the United States.

The healthcare system in Canada has been a stage of controversy lately. People in the United States love to say that Canada’s healthcare is more efficient than their own country’s.

Employment and Social Development Canada – Support for Canadian families

Learn how Canadian families are getting the support they need from the Canadian government. Find out about initiatives that support young people in need. It is easy to contribute or join in on these programs and events.

Global News – Canadian government, looking at redefining country’s poverty line

Statistics show that almost 3.5 million Canadians live in extreme poverty. However, the definition of the poverty line was last updated in 2008. Abigail Bimman tells the story of Ottawa’s efforts to update the statistical factors to better reflect the reality of the situation in the country.

Public Health Agency of Canada

This video highlights key health inequalities and common social issues in Canada. Learn what Health Canada is doing to prevent inequality and discrimination in society. The Public Health Agency of Canada is committed to providing news and updates about social issues in Canada.

There are many more channels online that expose the state of things in the country and that launch events, activities, and initiatives to help improve the situation. Take a moment to consider the social issues that trouble citizens in Canada. Stay informed with news and updates about these issues by following the latest videos and posts here.